About College For Me Androscoggin
A non-profit comprehensive collaborative, C4ME-A works to assist youth and adults in reaching their higher education goals. They achieve this by partnering with Androscoggin County’s School Districts, Adult Education Centers, businesses, community organizations, as well as the various institutes of higher education in the region.

Employer Resources and Opportunities

College for ME – Androscoggin wants to encourage you, the Employer, to consider partnering with us to provide resources and create opportunities for your Employees to further their own educational and career pursuits.


College for ME – Androscoggin provides opportunities for Employers to do this in the following ways:



College for ME –Androscoggin convenes educational representatives and provides comprehensive resources for Employers and Employees through a one day Opportunity Fair that allows for individuals to hear from a panel, meet with representatives and follow through with making plans for furthering their educational goals.  This Opportunity Fair also provides financial resources such as scholarship applications, financial aid guidance and loan information.


Who Benefits?

When employers support employee education and training:


Employers benefit!

Educated employees work smarter and cope better with workplace change, which improves productivity.  Educational support for employees also builds loyalty and lowers turnover, and it’s cheaper to invest in current employees than spend on recruitment.


Employees benefit, too!

Higher levels of education can lead to an improved quality of life, through a higher lifetime earnings potential, greater job satisfaction, and the ability to plan and save for the future.


And don’t forget, our community benefits as well!

A better educated workforce increases a community’s quality of life, helps attract better-paying employers, and even ensures greater educational success for the next generation


College for ME – Androscoggin Employer Honor Roll


Maine Development Foundation Next Step Maine Employer Initiative


MDF provides great incentives and resources for Employers to support their Employees in educational pursuits.


Employer Honor Roll

College for ME-Androscoggin, in collaboration with the Next Step  Maine Employer’s Initiative, is proud to celebrate these employers who support higher education in the workplace. If your organization is interested in joining the Employer Honor Roll, click here to complete an online application.Through our partnership with the Maine Development Foundation, all Honor Roll participants are also accepted in the statewide Next Step Maine Employers’ Initiative and are eligible for the educational discounts and other Next Step Maine Committed Employer resources provided through this initiative.


C4ME-A Honors our Employer Partners for investing educational support in their Employees and in the Community.


College Day Initiative

Each first Friday in December, College for ME – Androscoggin and our sponsors endorse a county-wide College Day initiative that promotes and celebrates educational attainment. We encourage EVERYONE (with permission of their employer) to wear college swag that day to honor their favorite college. Our wonderful coffee vendors are supporting this initiative by giving away a free small cup of coffee for anyone who comes in wearing college swag!

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