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  • Published : April 13, 2014
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Highlighting the strands of hair can be acquired naturally or chemically. To change the hair naturally, sunlight can brighten the hair depending on the color. This process takes a couple of weeks to notice a change in the color of the hair. Those with darker hair such as medium brown tend to turn to hydrogen peroxide or a hair lightener cream. When using these chemicals the artificial color pigments is removed from the hair strands, this is referred to as “stripping.” To fully understand the process of highlighting it is necessary to know the structure of the human hair, understand the pH scale, and distinguishing between the three variables in dying hair. The variables of hair highlighting are lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and hair lightener cream.

Hair is a string-like feature on mammals coming out of the follicle on the skin. Even though hair is made up of mainly keratin it also consists of three main regions which are the cuticle, medulla, and cortex. The papilla is where the hair grows from, a hair strand is basically composed of dead cells. On the part of the hair strand there is a shaft and a root that goes into the skin. The main components are keratin, melanin, and some metallic elements. These elements appear during the growth or naturally from the hairs surroundings. After a while the hair stays in a resting stage for the body to take in. The outer layer of the hair strand is referred to as the cuticle. It is basically hard layers on top of layers sometimes more than fifteen deep. These dead cells which form the layers gives the hair protection. The cuticle protects from all damages once the cuticle is broken then the cortex and medulla are accessed and broken down. The cuticle is responsible for the mechanics of the hair fibers. It is also in control of the shine of the hair strand and is said to be water resistant. It can be damaged by excessive heat or constant chemical interactions such as hair dye, perms, or texturizers. Even the weather...
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