Cognitive behavioral therapy

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  • Published : December 2, 2013
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Cognitive behavioral therapy’s reduction of stress and improvements in sleeping habits

Stress affects every person in two different dimensions; it is either positive or negative. When stress leads a person to positive outcomes, it can be looked at as beneficial because it could possibly enhance confidence, performance and lead to outstanding end results. But if stress has a negative effect on a person’s life it can lead to physical and psychological destruction (Cooper et al, 2002). The larger workloads increased working hours and increased pressure to compete on a global level. Companies increased the occupational stress of the human resource. According to the Salleh (2008) Occupational stress is a real problem and cost that an organization needs to address to effectively navigate the business world (Riaz, A., & Ramzan, M 2013). Understanding where stress comes from and how to manage it properly can have astounding effects on a person’s life. The mental issue of stress is one of the most crippling and expensive conditions facing both the employers and employees; because of this insurance agencies have begun to focus on their ability to reduce stress, anxiety and depression through Cognitive behavioral therapy (The value of cognitive behavioral therapy 2012). Companies need to offer a proper stress management to reduce the occupational stress that the employee encounters on a daily basis so that employee satisfaction will increase which will lead to employee loyalty and increased devotion towards an organization (Riaz, A., & Ramzan, M 2013). The concept of stress was first introduce by Hans selye (1976) and has had many connotations since then, the research that is done on Occupational stress can be seen as an extension of the classical concept that is applied to a specific human activity, namely work(Appley& Trumbull, 1986) (Beheshtifar, M., & Nazarian, R. 2013). When the stress happens in a work setting, it...
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