Is Judaism Too Cruel

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Is Judaism Too Cruel?
In this world we live in today, people are critical of almost everything. One of the things that people can be most critical about is religion. Almost all religions are judged and looked down upon by at least one person somewhere in the world. This is not a new concept. It has been going on for centuries, even before the birth of Jesus Christ. Correspondingly, one extremely important religion in our society today was looked down upon greatly prior to 70 CE. Judaism, a very well-known religion today, was a very controversial religion back then. Although some people thought that the people were judging too quickly, most did not believe that to be true. Most people thought that Judaism was too cruel and harsh on not only its followers but also the people that believed in other religions or no religion at all. Even more say that the beliefs that the Jewish practiced were inappropriate and even unethical. Obviously, Judaism was too tough. Some of the things that people frowned upon about the Jewish religion, that other people thought were not so bad, were their practice of sacrificing animals, killing enemies, and enslaving the poor.

Animal sacrifice is one of the cruelest beliefs to ever be practiced. The Jewish religion back in the day strictly followed their religion. One of the things that the Jewish religion asked its followers to practice was sacrificing animals. The religion and its followers believed that sacrificing animals would make the almighty happy with the person that sacrifices the animal. They also believed that it would forgive the sins that they have committed already and release them of any guilt that they felt due to those sins. Another thing they believed in was that animal sacrifice would help them on their way to heaven. In Dosick’s Living Judaism, he says “they offered sacrifices of animals, of grains, of first fruits, and of firstborn sons, in the hope that the forces to whom they ascribed divinity would deal kindly...
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