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  • Published : August 14, 2014
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Technology and Communication Paper

The communication capabilities of specialized databases within the criminal justice system, has been enhanced by the help of technology. Technology has many various forms in use today within the criminal justice field. Systems such as the IRIS scans and mobile data terminals or MDT for short, are electronically advanced tools for law enforcement work. For the subject matter of this particular paper my intention is to discuss and compare different forms of specialized databases. Also provided are some of the negative and positive effects due to all the new technologies in the criminal justice field. Including those that have been and are currently being incorporated daily law enforcement actions and activities.

One such specialized database used to help with communication is the mobile data terminal (MDT). The mobile data terminal device is used in emergency and transit vehicles to communicate with the dispatch or central office (911 Dispatch Online, 2011). Many police agencies require officers to have this form of terminal system usually in the form of wireless mobile installed in their vehicles. Law enforcement officers use this database to manage their workload in the center and also provide officers gain better efficiency regarding time management. Mobile data terminals allow officers to have access to status updates, dispatch receipts, and to other units in case that unit needs backup and/or assistance. Frequent communication between dispatch and officers happen on this device frequently in order to know where to go, to update their statuses, to call for assistance, etc.

IRIS scans are another form of specialized database the criminal justice system uses frequently. The IRIS scan is a method of biometric identification in which pattern recognition of the eye is used to determine the identity of a subject and/or suspect (Technovelgy LLC, 2010). When identifying an individual IRIS scan may be quicker than retrieving fingerprints. IRIS recognition and IRIS scan are without a doubt proven to be the most accurate type of biometric devices the criminal justice system has today. Utilizing a scan of different patterns in the eye are taken by a camera and then scanned. This works because just like fingerprints no one person’s eyes are the same. Everyone’s eyes contain different patterns that make them unique thereby making the device’s results accurate due to a person’s eye patterns different from any other person. Communication in the criminal justice system is improved by the utilization of this technology. IRIS scans allow officers to determine if a person has already been processed in the criminal database as well as if they have a criminal history or background while allowing other jurisdictions to be able to access the same forms of information even if the officers are not in the same town or city. IRIS scans and IRIS recognitions have only been used in the past decade and the government wants to continue to see this type of technology advance and grow within the criminal justice system (Technovelgy LLC, 2010). Currently database access, watch lists, security purposes, border crossings, passports, and computer logging are the main uses of the IRIS database.

The mobile data terminal is currently the most widely used in vehicle device in the criminal justice system. Just by typing in a suspect’s name or scanning a form of their identification, a screen full of information comes up. This can include prior arrests, addresses, known associates, and aliases. The IRIS system although more advanced is not currently in may police vehicles and if it is they are usually a federal law enforcement vehicle. In comparison although the MDT system is the most widely used and probably will be for a long time, the IRIS is the next evolution of this system. Both systems are very accurate and produce many of the same results. MDT shows results when the...
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