Social Networking Writing An Introduction

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  • Published : April 6, 2015
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Writing an

Mrs. Sensenbach

What is a

The first few sentences of an introduction are
called the ​
. The purpose of a lead is to
capture the reader’s attention.

What are
types of

What is a
and where
is it found?

For informational essays, types of leads include:
● Anecdote (brief story)
● Quotation
● Interesting fact
● Question
● Vivid Description
● Addressing the reader directly
● News Item
The last sentence of your introduction should be
your thesis statement. A thesis statement is a
1-2 sentence statement including the topic and
the main idea or writer’s opinion about the topic.

Example Anecdote:
Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Fresno State v. Boise State football game. The matchup between these two
nationally-ranked teams was incredibly exciting, and the game remained closely contested until the last minute, when Fresno finally pulled off the win by only one point. During those last tense minutes, my attention was drawn to the three young boys sitting on the benches behind me. Their father had brought them to see the game, but they had spent almost the entire time with their eyes glued to hand-held electronic gaming devices. Rather than join in the excitement shared between thousands of Fresno State fans, each was in his own little world, unaware of his surroundings.

Introduction to Social Networking Essay
Required Elements

Begin with an interesting lead (to capture your reader’s
attention). Do NOT start with a question. Try something new.


Introduce the topic (social networking among adolescents)


Explain why the topic matters (people disagree about
whether social networking is good or bad for teens)


End with your thesis statement (1-2 sentence statement of
your opinion about the topic)

Example Introduction:
Recently my AB teacher asked our class to answer some survey...
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