The Atomic Bomb

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  • Published : June 13, 2013
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The End of World War II
The United States Decision to drop the Atomic bomb has been a controversial topic since the day the first bomb was dropped August 6, 1945. President Harry Truman made the ultimate decision to use the atomic bomb, to him it was a clear decision that this would end the war with America’s most hated enemy: Japan (Nathan, 2012). There had been thousandths of bloody deaths up to-this-point in the war, Japan was destroyed, they had just about nothing, their country was in starvation, the domestic infrastructure was ruined, both sides knew that America was going to win. The question was not if it was when? (Nathan, 2012) Truman’s decision in using the bomb was not taken lightly it came down to several factors but ultimately he wanted the war to end as soon as possible with the fewest U.S casualties (Maddox, 1995). Although Truman made the final decision in the dropping of the bombs he had many other leaders around him giving him feedback on the situation, what they thought would be the best decision, and things he needed to consider before the ultimate bombing happened. Truman writes in his journal the night before meeting with his committee on June 18, 1945, “I have to decide Japanese strategy—shall we invade Japan proper or shall we bomb and blockade? That is my hardest decision to date. But I’ll make it when I have all the facts.”(Maddox,1995). The bomb was going to have many affects and there were going to be both arguments for and against its use both of which Truman had to take in serious consideration. Truman himself said “it was the most terrible thing ever discovered”, (Nathan,2012) which is exactly why he didn’t take this matter lightly. Just before ending the meeting, which was going to result in the invasion Kyushu, McCloy (one of the Joint Chiefs) stated that they could avoid invasion if they warned Japan of their use of Atomic Weaponry (Maddox, 1995). America’s original plan as of June 1945 was to conduct an Operational...
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