The Benefits Of Greek Life

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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The Benefits of Greek Life

One of the most fundamental times for the development of young adults is during college. Those who chose the collegiate path hope to graduate with a higher education, credentials for professional school or immediate employment and tools for success in life. Unfortunately, college plans do not always go as expected and sometimes may leave a void in developing a successful adult. Greek life at educational institutions provides the opportunities for college students to develop and succeed as a during and after college.

Greek life began in accordance with the establishment of academic universities across The United States (Jones 5). The original purpose of these societies was to unite scholars of various subjects and ideas to achieve a higher understanding, and even bolster ideas of entrepreneurship (Glass 12). Eventually, these scholarly societies would give rise to social societies, which have developed into today’s fraternities and sororities.

Each fraternity and sorority has a unique executive structure for each college or university, but also a national entity. Fraternities and sororities each have their own developmental curriculum and guidelines that each member must learn and follow, but academics still hold to be the most important priority (IFC 2012).

Greek life chapters establish grade point average requirements for their members. If a member fall below this grade average, the member is held accountable. This motivates the members to do well with academic grades, as academic institutions often require the fraternity to report the total grade point average from the entire chapter (DeBard 56). This also stirs competition for fraternities and sororities to compete for recognition of having the highest grade point average on their campus and even nationally.

There are many studies that dive into collegiate greek life in order to discover the academic statistics involved. One myth about Greek life and academics, is that joining a Greek organization inhibits academic performance. A nationwide study done by the University of Wisconsin revealed that fraternity and sorority members have a 10 percent greater chance of graduating from their college or university (IFC 2012). Even though 10 percent may seem as a small difference, this is on a broad national scale. Many Greek life organizations are applauded by universities and colleges for achieving higher grade point averages than the all-undergraduate averages. One example can be seen at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois in 2011. The university had an all student average of 3.42. Northwestern’s Greek life had a grade point average of 3.45 (Northwestern Univ. 2011 Grade Report).

There are many reasons as to why Greek life promotes hard work through academics, and this only helps students in a positive way. Greek life organizations live up to the expectation to be value-based organizations, and thus place importance on academics as the main priority. The fraternity or sorority will often find resources to help members achieve academic success with such events as reserving library rooms or having older members with experience tutor younger members (Danielson 452). These are examples of resources that may not be easily available for students who are not involved in Greek life. Such resources help develop students into better students during their academic career.

One of the many obstacles that hinder most college students is time management. Colleges most often do not provide the shelter and structure of a student’s time, but Greek life provides help for members through its’ organization. Although most students may not feel comfortable managing their time wisely at college, most students that join Greek life find more time to achieve academic success as well as give back to the community.

One of the main aspects to Greek life is its’ role to build leaders. This is one of the many pillars of Greek...
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