The Gangster In Disguise

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Robert Pittman

Critical Writing
Professor Methvin
October 2, 2013

The Gangster In Disguise
On the first day of the season football players are usually handed a home and away jersey. Aaron Hernandez on the other hand entered the NFL wearing his own sort of jersey. This specific jersey was actually a disguise to hide Aaron’s gangster background. Hernandez grew up with a group of gangsters who he made a strong bond with. Even the achievement of making it to the NFL couldn’t break their bond. At a young age, Hernandez began to hang with the wrong crew. These individuals were drug dealers, and gangsters who made an everlasting impression on Hernandez. They began to introduce Aaron Hernandez to the street life. Since then, Aaron has been involved in numerous criminal events. These events weren’t just normal traffic tickets, or misdemeanors. They actually involved guns, and murders. However, those events have been hidden from the media. Therefore football fans were shocked when they recently heard Aaron Hernandez might be facing life in prison. This announcement left football fans wondering, was Aaron Hernandez a gangster?

Throughout Paul Solotaroff’s article “The Gangster In The Huddle”, which appears in Rolling Stone Magazine he argues Aaron Hernandez is a gangster. From reading the article, it’s evident Aaron Hernandez’s father sheltered him as a child. Aaron’s father went to every scrimmage and even woke him up every morning to workout. Solotaroff interviewed Gary Fortier who states, “Part of Aaron’s problem is, he never got no street sense”. Therefore when Aaron was introduced to the street life, it took a negative toll on him. After his father’s death Aaron began to spend time with his roughneck family. That’s when Aaron’s life went downhill. Solotaroff provides information that indicates most of his uncles were thugs. While Aaron spent time with them, they taught him their lifestyle. Years later, when Aaron went off to college he got off to a rough start. For instance, Aaron’s drastic event from his freshman year supports Solotaroff’s argument. During Aaron’s freshman year, he assaulted a waiter and ruptured his eardrum. The waiter never pressed charges on Aaron, so he was let off easily. This was just the beginning of Aaron’s gangster profile. In addition, Aaron Hernandez was also involved in multiple shootouts. None of these were exposed to the public, since for some reason he always ended up non-guilty. Throughout the article Solotaroff provides numerous detailed events from Aaron’s criminal history.

During his career Aaron Hernandez took the initiative in becoming a full time gangster, and a part time football player. Most football players dedicate their life to the sport they love. Instead, Aaron Hernandez decided to remain a thug. Rather than one day be an NFL superstar. Solotaroff provides a quote from Aaron’s friends and family saying, “He’d get high all time driving away from games, smoking three or four blunts on the ride back to his place”. This quote show’s Aaron wasn’t focused on being the franchise player everyone predicted him to become. Granted that, no matter how many second chances Aaron was given he never took advantage of them. During his college years, there were rumors Aaron was benched due to failing multiple drug tests. Rather than embarrassing Aaron, his college coach denied the rumors. This wasn’t the only time Aaron’s coach looked out for him. Aaron’s coach did a great job protecting him during college. In brief, Aaron’s college coach played the father figure role for him. For example, he would allow Aaron to come over his house for dinner, and go fishing with his family. Aaron’s coach did everything he could in order to stop him from choosing the gangster life. But, in an interview Aaron’s coach stated, “Whenever he left campus, he’d come back different. That’s...
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