The Gap Between Developed And Developing Countries

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Drama 88
Day 4
The Gap between Developed and Developing Countries
The main topic of this week’s reading that stood out to me was The Global Table where Foer shows a glimpse of the status of the all the countries in the world. Foer says that if all the countries were to sit on a table with a seat of nine, two would be Chinese, two Indians, a fifth would be the other countries in Northeast, South, and Central Asia, a sixth would be the nations of Southeast Asia and Oceana, a seventh would be sub-Saharan Africa, an eighth would be the remainder of Africa and the Middle East, a ninth would be Europe and the remaining seat, representing the countries of South, Central, and North America, is for us. These statistics is only represented through the population, but if they were to represent nourishment, one seat is hungry, two are obese, and the rest are average and more than half of those seats are vegetarian. The United States is not even close to getting its own seat when the table is represented by population but gets two to three seats if the table represents the amount of food consumes. Countries with double and triple the number of population of the United States are not nearly getting enough food for their people and its devastating that United States is able to consume such great amounts of food when people of other countries are starving and some are even dying of starvation. It is valid to conclude that through the description of this table Foer makes the reader think about the viewpoint from the entire world. It makes the reader look at everything with a broader perspective.

This can be used in our performance-as-research project by implementing some of the same techniques that Foer used to show the broad aspect of the issue. Our group can try to provide the water consumption issue through the aspects of developed and developing countries and try to spread awareness of the differences between the two and try to close the gap. Since our project is on...
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