The Tragedy At The Hyatt Regency In Kansas City

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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The tragedy that occurred at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City in 1981 could have been prevented had the second engineering firm acted ethically. The first collapse should have been a wake-up call for the Hyatt’s construction plans and called for a reevaluation. However, since the Hyatt decided to stick with the original design plans, the second engineering firm’s sketches and documents should have been double-checked prior to construction. This disaster could have been prevented for many reasons. The first collapse of the atrium ceiling should have been when all involved in the construction sat down and revised a plan for a safer design. It was unethical from this point on for the Hyatt to continue these plans knowing there was a certain level of risk involved. When Hyatt chose to continue with their original design plans, every single step of the construction and documentation should have been closely reviewed and checked for safety standards along the way. The National Bureau of Standards should have been referenced if the design plan was so important to the hotel. Safety should be number one when constructing a new building and it seems as though design was put before safety in this case. It is also extremely unethical and dangerous the construction company failed to use the correct rods when attaching the walkway to the ceiling. Had the construction company used the correct strength of 412 Mpa, the walkway could have withstood more weight. Moreover, it comes across as sneaky and guilty that notes for this construction were not included in the final documentation and drawings – almost as though they had something to hide.

The engineer’s decision to modify the design without reviewing the altered sketches and documentation and without testing the new design is the worst of this case. His final decision to shift the burden of the weight of the two walkways to a single nut under the fourth-floor beam was the cause for the death of 114 people. His outright lie...
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