The Transition Of Going From High School To College

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Rachel Totos
High School Transition Paper

As we go on through life, we experience a number of changes that make us who we are today. One of the biggest changes some do not have the opportunity to take advantage of is, continuing one’s education and going to a college or university. Luckily for me, I was given that chance to move forward and go on to Lewis University. Although, many incoming freshman did not realize that going from high school to college is a hard transition, and it is not all fun and games. Granted I prepared myself for this change, it is still very hard as we speak.

College and high school may consist of the same things such as, peers, homework, teachers, etc.; but what many do not realize is that anything that happens in college is times ten times more than anything in high school. For instance, in high school, I thought having to read one to five chapters of a novel and a couple worksheets was a workload on its own; but in college, try having to read one to five chapters for almost every class, every day, and also having to do your weekly homework along with writing two papers. Unfortunately, I just named the homework I am in the process of doing for the week. Going to college requires that you study every single day. Personally, I think it is a lot harder now to just study ten minutes before a test and pass than it was in high school. Overall, I do not think that the little daily, sometimes weekly assignments are not a burden. In college, some professors do not care if you are in class or not, mainly because you are only hurting yourself. In college, class participation is major; that goes along with showing up to class. In high school, teachers wanted you to talk, so they called you out and tried to force you speak up; I believe they were trying to prepare the more quiet students to participate so they would do better in college. As for the faculty expectations, it is basically the same as high school; show respect, do not be...
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