The Treatment Of The Consumed Food In America Chicken

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Drama 88
Day 5
The Treatment of the #1 consumed food in America: Chicken
The most devastating and eye-opening topic that Foer writes about in this week’s reading is the treatment of chickens. This topic stood out most to me because I had inadequate previous knowledge of this issue. Foer writes that there are sheds that house over thirty thousand chickens in one single room. These sheds are forty-five feet wide and four hundred and ninety feet long. This results in a very limited space for the chickens; Foer reports that each bird gets less than eight-tenths of a square foot. The chickens are forced to grow fast on as little feed as possible. The muscles and fat tissues are engineered to grow significantly fast that the bones itself resulting in the death of one to four percent of the birds. Because of the close proximity of the birds many birds develop diseases, such as H1-N1 and influenza and, the human that work on these farms then contracts these diseases. It can be easily concluded through the writings of Foer, that the poor treatment of chickens not only greatly affects the chicken but also has a detrimental effect on human beings.

Furthermore Foer refers to a term he calls fecal soup that raised much curiosity in me. He explains that fecal soup is the container of water that the animals are put into after being slaughtered and this is one the main causes where germs are spread. As the animals are then sold to supermarkets the germs and diseases are carried with the animal and eventually contracted by humans resulting in health risks such as respiratory problems and immune system deficiency. This is a real eye-opener because not many people in today’s society think about where their food is coming from. Chicken is now being consumed one hundred and fifty times more than it did eighty years ago, and it amazes me that not most people know of this issue of poor treatment of the chicken or maybe they do know but choose to ignore it. It come to great...
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