The Value Of Suffering Author S Note

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Luc Brubaker
Professor Kozak
English 110
Draft 1
13 September 2012

Author’s Note
My intended audience in this essay is those people who have lost someone very dear to their heart and those people who have gone through the pain of the aftermath. To the people who know might have gotten over their loved one, but will always hold their moments with them forever. The purpose is to show that sometimes people might think they completely know someone, but there is always more to that person. In this case, my message is that the side that was never shown often to people other than me was very special and sincere side that ultimately changed my life. Many people “Judge a book by its cover,” and won’t even give people chances. Hopefully through this essay, many others can see what someone is capable of doing to their life if you actually are able to see their true colors. I know through the first three pages I’ve only explained one specific experience I remember with my cousin, so I definitely want to expand this essay with more stories that show the kind of person he was and the lessons that he taught me a long the way. One thing that I’m worried about is if I’m getting too deep. Is the essay too sad? Do I actually get my point across or am I just rambling on about my cousin and my emotions? Do my examples actually show how great of a guy my cousin really was?

Draft 1
My family was just about to sit down for a family dinner just like any ordinary week day, but something was different this time. There was silence around the room that not only gave off an awkward vibe, but also released a gloomy feeling as well. Before I got the chance to ask what’s wrong, or even let out a breath, my mom began to cry. This wasn’t just crying though, I have seen my mom cry plenty of times. I have seen people cry plenty of times. This time was a type of crying I have never experienced. The confusion I felt seeing her tears run down her face was as I had never witnessed...
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