World War II Vs

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Abbey Martin
Dr. Katherine Hubler
HST 106H
May 28, 2015
WWII vs. the Cold War
WWII and the Cold War were both very influential wars politically, socially, and economically worldwide. However, WWII had a larger and more profound global impact on society between 1937 and 1962 in comparison to the Cold War because it greatly impacted civilians across the globe, was fought worldwide, and led to drastic social and economic changes in the United States and South America.

Very early on in WWII it became clear that the involvement of civilians was much greater than it had ever been in previous wars. During this time countries realized that booming economies win wars instead of actual man-to-man combat. This concept led to more military-related spending. As a result of this, workers became just as crucial to the war effort as the soldiers themselves. Often countries would plan attacks on industrial areas miles away from the front lines because the impact of these attacks would be felt more strongly. These actions blurred the boundaries between combat zone and civilian life leading to more civilian deaths and attacks on civilians. By the end of the war in 1945, 65-100 million were dead worldwide with the majority being civilians.

Another reason for civilian involvement and civilian deaths had to due with racism and imperialist desires. During WWII, the Holocaust caused over 6 million Jewish deaths. When addressing the SS in Germany in 1943, Heinrich Himmler says of the killing the Jews, “Each of us shuddered, and yet each one knew he would do it again if it were ordered and it were necessary” (Himmler pg.43 CP). To many of those involved in the Nazi party, the destruction of the Jewish race was an obligation to their country that they must carry out. The Holocaust profoundly re-shaped European society as so many Jewish lives were lost. Similarly, during this era the Japanese planned to gain land and resources from China. To do this, they invaded Nanking in...
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