Writing A Self Evaluation

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Samantha Meyer
Dr. Skebe
Introduction to Analytical Writing
December 3, 2011

Final Self-Evaluation

Out of four years in high school, time moved slowly. I remember myself always saying things like, how slow the school year would go and how I could not wait for it to be over. Looking back only a short six months later after graduating high school, I cannot believe those words ever came out of my mouth. I was always told that college was a huge transition but I never fully knew what to expect. My first semester of freshman year in college I can honestly say was the fastest time my life has ever moved. It felt like yesterday when I was in my house packing up the car to drive up to Albany. The big lesson for me from the transition from high school to college was time, and how precious time is and how much we take advantage of it.

The transition from classes everyday straight with no free time in high school and then classes scattered with random free times in college was a big change for me in my academic life. The other big change was the leisure and independence in classes. I quickly started to realize not only did the weeks go by fast but so did the hours. I would look at the clock and realize hours have passed and I could not understand how. The class “Introduction to Analytical Writing” has taught me how to manage my time. It has taught me that procrastinating is never the answer. It only leads you to stress, bad grades, and being unprepared. This class has forced me to get my work done on time and with a strong effort. Since college my grades have also became a lot more important and real to me. An unsatisfactory grade seems to affect me a lot more now. This has its benefits because it forces me to work, study, and focus harder. Another skill “Introduction to Analytical Writing” have taught me is comprehension. Throughout high school you always learn reading comprehension in English and even foreign language class. It is never a topic that interested me or that I wanted to go in depth with. This class did not give me a choice because analyzing the readings is what the class is about. I remember the first day of classes we learned about what it means to analyze and suspending judgment. To me at first, it was notes that I had to write down in my notebook but I quickly learned that it was going to mean a lot more to me. I have learned to read and analyze all writing with no judgment. You can even focus on each word and find a deeper meaning. You can never analyze too far as long as you have proof and evidence to back it up. A third skill I learned in “Introduction to Analytical Writing” is purpose and audience. Before this class, I never thought about why the author was writing or whom they were writing too. After being conscious of this I have realized how important it is to be aware of purpose and audience. Understanding the purpose and audience makes the writing much easier to understand and analyze.

Going into this class I thought I had everything to lose but leaving this class I have everything to gain. “Introduction to Analytical Writing” has taught me so much. It not only strengthened me academically but mentally. This class has gained my confidence with the freedom of opinion and voice within the class. It also taught me I am smart and can do well in a challenging class. From doing poorly in the beginning and improving drastically in the end I have learned I am capable. After taking “Introduction to Analytical Writing” I am coming away with more intelligence. I have learned how to analyze, suspend judgment, become a better writer, learn the importance of citing, how to write a research paper, and many other important skills.

Looking back on my first essay in “Introduction to Analytical Writing” from the beginning of the semester I cannot believe how much I have improved. The essay was a reflection of the video, “The Argument Clinic”. My first mistake I realize right away is that there is no title....
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