A Description of the Gulf State Label Company

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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March 25th, 2015
Whitney Roper - 0876801

DIGM 3350

Gulf State Label Company

4537 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX 77041

Tour Guide: Bob Nicolosi/Mike Williams

I recently had to the opportunity to visit Gulf States Label located in Houston, Texas. Shortly after arriving, I was personally welcomed by co-founder, Mike Williams. He and his partner Bob Nicolosi, who had previously been a pressman for 9 years, started GSL in 2001 after being in the printing industry in other firms since 1977. They are leaders in the Houston area and are known for their flexotype printing. They had very small beginnings, in a trailer garage facility with only one 4-color press. After some time, they added a 6-color 16 inch press, followed by an 8-color 10 inch wide press. They currently have 5 presses in their possession. They recently moved into the digital age last year after purchasing their first digital press, which they expressed was a great investment, with only 90 hours place on it, making it virtually a brand new press. Their customer base consists mainly of printing brokers which expand out to 275 customers, such as Men’s Warehouse, Jet Lube, and firms in the oil and gas industry. They currently gross an average of $4 million a year in sales despite being a part of the widespread financial hardships experienced in 2009.

When it comes to this company and their marketing, they print to the trade only so marketing is mostly word of mouth. There are no outside sales sources. One would think in their location, there would not be much foot traffic but it has been quite the opposite since locating to their new facility. They also have a website which they use to market their brand. Their new facility, much larger than that in the beginning, is 17,500 square feet including their offices. At the moment they employee 18 individuals.

March 25th, 2015
However, the purchase of the new presses resulted in hiring 2 new operators and are looking to hire another in the near...
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