A Format of a Letter to the Editor

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Dear Mr. Royko,
In the article, “Wonder what his problem are?," the recently graduated Chicagoan is wondering why he cannot find a job in his chosen field. He says he has applied to numerous places, but none of them are hiring due to his lack of experience. The young man says, “If you tell them how can you get experience when no one is hiring, they look at you an say I don’t know,” so how is this individual going to obtain a job? For starters, having better writing skills will aid in the job search immensely. No employer is going to hire someone who doesn’t know how to write properly.

For a college educated student, one would expect proper spelling to be used throughout the individual’s writing. If this Chicagoan expects to get a job, he needs to spellcheck his work. There are several instances throughout this article where spelling errors have detracted from the main focus of his letter. One instance is when the young man says, “How would you fell after applying for a position, when after waiting several weeks you see the same ad for the same position”. Another example of this is when he states, “The though of going back to school to receive a masters degree was in mind”. The spelling errors are careless mistakes that make it seem as though the writer was in a rush and didn’t care what he was writing. These errors change the meaning of the words and cause confusion to the reader.

Another factor that could improve this graduate’s chance of obtaining a job is to proofread his writing. There are many instances when the wrong verb tense is used or the sentence just doesn’t make sense. One example of this is when he writes, “First they tell you that you need to go to school to get a education (hopeful a position) so you can get a job”. Another occurrence of this is when the Chicagoan says, “The government have this set-up call the Job Service, which is to help individual find jobs when ninety percent of the people who goes there are still...
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