A Journal Entry on My NGO Do Something Part 2

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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Kaitlin Ricks
DMI 201
Journal Entry 2
My for profit organization has post a lot during the last two weeks. With New York Fashion Week going on, they have been there posting pictures and videos of models wearing their nail polish and their employees doing their nails. They have also posted about upcoming releases of collections. They posted about the Grammy’s and Valentine’s Day.

They receive a great amount of interaction with their followers. Most of their posts in Instagram receive over 10,000 likes, however, the amount of comments they get is far less than the likes, and they range from 10 to 300. On twitter, they don’t get nearly as much of a response like they do on Instagram. Ranging from 5 to a little over 60 retweets, and a little more for favorites. A good amount of their tweets are used to comment back to others that follow them, whether they have questions about their products or comments and complaints. On Facebook, their likes on their posts are in the thousands. They do get hundreds of comments and some shares from their posts. For having over 1 million likes on the page, they amount of feedback they get on each post doesn’t correlate.

I think OPI does use their social media space well, they include links to their website in some of their posts. They show their product being used in real time. They post several times a day, and it’s something different each time they do it. However you can find the same posts among all three social media sites. I think that they should promote some more follower interaction.

For my nonprofit, Do Something, they seem to post quite a bit on Facebook. It seems like they post about 2-4 times a day. On Twitter, their posts are sporadic. Some days they post a lot of content, and other days they don’t post anything. The same can be said for their posts on Instagram also. They posts one or two times a day, but not every day. Sometimes they won’t post for a few days.

Their follower interactions is pretty good....
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