About College For Me Androscoggin
A non-profit comprehensive collaborative, C4ME-A works to assist youth and adults in reaching their higher education goals. They achieve this by partnering with Androscoggin County’s School Districts, Adult Education Centers, businesses, community organizations, as well as the various institutes of higher education in the region.


When did College for ME-Androscoggin start?

College for ME-Androscoggin began in January 2005 when a group of community leaders from business, higher education, public schools, adult education and social service providers met to discuss the results of the 2000US Census which revealed how few residents of Androscoggin County held post-secondary degrees.


What is the goal of College for ME-Androscoggin?

The goal of College for ME-Androscoggin is to double the number of degrees held by residents of Androscoggin County by 2015. Doing so means raising both college aspirations and actual attainment.


What services does College for ME-Androscoggin offer its partners?
  • Work with schools or districts to develop and enhance a college-going culture.
  • Coordinate enrollment of high school juniors and seniors in Early College classes county-wide
  • Communicates to interested parties trends in college admissions, research findings on the gender gap in achievement and aspirations, test-prep strategies, and other information relating to college aspirations.
  • Facilitate greater communication and collaboration between high schools, community colleges, and universities on matters relating to college readiness, admissions, retention, and degree attainment.
  • Serve as a convener for area businesses, K16 and post secondary institutions on issues pertaining to increasing degree attainment
  • Research and share within the county and state Best Practices leading to increased aspirations and college enrollment.
  • Host counselor breakfasts focused on issues relating to college aspirations and attainment
  • Provide seminars to business and community organizations on college admissions, prior learning opportunities, financial aid, etc.
Do these services cost anything?

Right now these services are supported through multiple grants so there are no costs for the services at the present time. In the future, a fee for service may be charged.