About College For Me Androscoggin
A non-profit comprehensive collaborative, C4ME-A works to assist youth and adults in reaching their higher education goals. They achieve this by partnering with Androscoggin County’s School Districts, Adult Education Centers, businesses, community organizations, as well as the various institutes of higher education in the region.

College Level Learning for High School Students

What are college level learning opportunities?

College Level Learning opportunities for High School students includes any and all resources available for high school students to earn some version of post-secondary educational attainment.  These resources include career pathway certifications, duel enrollment, Advanced Placement, Early College and many more.  College for ME-Androscoggin supports and promotes all pathways of college level learning available for high school students in Androscoggin County.

Through College for ME – Androscoggin, Guidance Counselors, faculty, students and parents  will be able to identify the various college level learning resources available, assess the best pathway for a student and then guide them in utilizing that pathway. Providers of those pathways will be able to share the details of their resources directly with one entity, College for ME- Androscoggin, and we will promote those pathways equitably.  Our goal is to provide an efficient and effective tool so more students can take advantage of these opportunities.

College for ME – Androscoggin will include a FERPA release form on our website that will allow us to measure impact.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) prohibits access to, or release of, educational records or personally identifiable information contained in such records without the written consent of the student.  The information will be treated as confidential and used for research purposes only.

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